Landhuizen of Curacao are worth a visit. They take you through the history of Curacao and are former plantation houses


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Nature and Culture
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Curaçao Landhuizen, built in the 18th and 19th centuries, are often former Plantation houses.
There used to be around 100 small plantations on the island. As Curaçao was a Dutch colony, their names are in Dutch and are often the name of the place where it's located. Around the main mansion, the slave houses are located as are the storage buildings. Slaves usually where put to work on the plantation, located often on a hill so that the landlord could oversee his domain, or in the salterns.

Around 55 of these landhouses survived the ages and the ones listed below are open for public. They are scattered around the island.

  • Landhuis Ascension
  • Landhuis Blauw
  • Landhuis Brievengat
  • Landhuis Cas Abao
  • Landhuis Chobolobo
  • Landhuis Daniel
  • Landhuis Dokterstuin
  • Landhuis Groot Davelaar
  • Landhuis Habaai
  • Landhuis Jan Kok
  • Landhuis Klein Santa Martha
  • Landhuis Knip
  • Landhuis Raphael
  • Landhuis Porto Mari
  • Landhuis Rooi Katootje
  • Landhuis San Juan
  • Landhuis Savonet
  • Landhuis Siberie
  • Landhuis Sta Barbara
  • Landhuis Zeelandia
  • Landhuis Zuikertuin