There are jet skis, and then there’s Kurt Strand’s high-octane oceanic beast. The noted yacht designer, who helms American outfit Strand Craft, has unveiled what he’s deemed the industry’s first V-8-powered watercraft.

Allow us to introduce you to the new Strand Craft V-8 Daytona GT. More than five years in the making, the menacing jet ski “marries power and speed” for unbridled thrills. Think of it as the Shelby Daytona of the high seas. While details are decidedly scant, there are a few specs to get seafarers excited.

Although it has the sleek silhouette of a sports coupé, the Daytona is nothing short of imposing. The hulking craft, which will likely be built from fiberglass or aluminum, spans nearly 17 feet long by 5 feet wide and weighs 1,250 pounds. This makes it quite a bit bigger and heavier than the average jet ski.

The jet ski packs a punishing 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine.  Strand Craft

It’s more powerful, too. Just like an American muscle car, the Daytona packs a punishing V-8. The 6.2-liter aluminum engine will be supercharged for added grunt, though Strand Craft hasn’t specified a top speed. Suffice it to say, this thing is sure to slice through the waves.