Dining in Port Sudan

Some Local Meals in Port Sudan

Sudan’s people are a mix of Arab, Egyptian, Nubian and pre-Islamic indigenous tribes. This cultural mix plays out in the exotic cuisine of this region.

Stew (mullah) is the most common meal. Meat and fish are dried for use in stews, and many contain offal, because, as in many pastoral cultures, nothing goes to waste. Popular stews generally contain the Sudanese spice mix ni’aimiya, dried okra, yogurt and the Sudanese white cheese gibna bayda.

Ful medames (fava beans dish) is known as the national dish of Egypt but Sudanese people likes it just as much. It is a delicious fava bean dish usually served with boiled eggs and bread and is typically eaten for breakfast. During Ramadan, ful medames is consumed before sunrise in preparation for fasting. It is a nutritious food with high protein content, and it is also suitable for vegetarians.

Taamiya 'The Sudanese falafel', are delicious because they are often fresh and crispy. They do not put any salad or tomato in the sandwich, but sometimes they put in a boiled egg.

Moukhbaza (paste of mashed bananas)
This is made up of banana paste or green bananas that are boiled and mashed, then topped with green chile and olive oil.

Kisra is basically a type of bread, that is made from sorghum flour. It is accompanied by a stew. The stew is prepared from dried meat, dried onions, spices, and peanut butter. Milk and yogurt are also added to enhance the flavor

Food is generally shared and eaten with your hands.

You will not find any shop or supermarket selling alcohol in Port Sudan. It is strictly forbidden.

Restaurants, Cafes and Street Shops

In Port Sudan, there are a lot of good local restaurants and street food shops where you can eat delicious meals for cheap. There are several little restaurants that serve fresh caught fish near the fish market. If you walk north along the coast, you will come to a row of fancy restaurants that serve essentially the same fish for more money. There are also bigger restaurants if you want to change, you may like to eat pizza, shawarma or chicken with rice sometimes.

There are as well many street shops to buy taamiya and sandwiches, improvised cafés to have good tea or coffee and street juice shops where you can drink fresh fruit juices. This is also a fun way to mix with local Port Sudan people.

Souks, Butcher Shops and Supermarket

If you want to cook, the best place to buy food is the souks. You will find bread, vegetables, fruits, spices, fish, ice and many other things at the best prices. To get fresh meat, you have the choice between different butchers. There are also supermarkets to buy eggs, cheeses, sodas, snacks and more.