Traveling to Port Sudan

Flying To Port Sudan

There is one airport in Port Sudan: Port Sudan New International Airport (IATA: PZU, ICAO: HSPN). Located 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of the city, PZU is the second largest international airport in Sudan in terms of air traffic and international destinations served. Port Sudan New International Airport is a full member of the IATA as of 2014.

To fly to Sudan from abroad you will need a passport valid at least 6 months before the date of return, an entry permit for Sudan or at least a copy of it if it has been done in Sudan before your arrival and a negative PCR test. If you are flying from Khartoum you must be in possession of a passport and a travel permit. After passing these immigration procedures, go and collect your luggage. Then leave the airport and start your stay in Port Sudan.

Once arrived at Port Sudan New International Airport, you are directed to an office where you will obtain your visa after handing over your entry permit or a copy of it. 

Airlines flying to Port Sudan

Currently, there are 3 airlines that fly to Port Sudan. Most flights to Port Sudan are operated by Badr Airlines, as they connect four airports to Port Sudan. That’s around four times as much as Flydubai, the second biggest airline in terms of operated flight routes to Port Sudan. Below you can find the list of airlines that operate all PZU flights.

Intercontinental flights to Port Sudan

The only intercontinental flights to Port Sudan New International Airport (PZU) are from the Middle-East, as of September 2021.
Please note that there are no direct services from Europe, the United States, Canada, Southern America, Central America, the Caribbean, Southern Asia, China, Japan, Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, Central Asia or Oceania.

Non-stop flights from the Middle-East / Western Asia to Port Sudan

Badr Airlines is currently the only airline flying non-stop from the Middle-East to Port Sudan. They fly year-round from Jeddah (JED) and Dubai (DXB)

Egypt Flights from Egypt to Port Sudan

Cairo is the only city in Egypt with direct flights to Port Sudan. From Cairo, direct flights are offered by Badr Airlines.

Saudi Arabia Flights from Saudi Arabia to Port Sudan

In Saudi Arabia, the only airport that has a direct connection to Port Sudan is Jeddah Airport also known as King Abdulaziz International Airport (IATA: JED, ICAO: OEJN) or simply KAIA Airport. From Jeddah, direct flights are offered by Badr Airlines.

United Arab Emirates Flights from United Arab Emirates to Port Sudan

In United Arab Emirates, the only airport that has a direct connection to Port Sudan is Dubai. From Dubai, direct flights are offered by Badr Airlines.

Domestic flights to Port Sudan

Sudan Flights from Sudan to Port Sudan

There is just one domestic flight to Port Sudan, which is between Port Sudan and Khartoum. From Khartoum, direct flights are offered by Badr Airlines, Flydubai and Tarco Air.

Alternative airports near Port Sudan

Unfortunately, there are no alternative airports to Port Sudan (PZU) within a range of 125 miles (200 km).

Badr Airlines, formerly Sarit Airlines, is an airline based in Khartoum, Sudan, operating cargo and passenger air services for humanitarian aid missions, and chartered VIP flights. Its main base is Khartoum International Airport.

Getting to Port Sudan by Road from Egypt

There is also the possibility to travel from Egypt to Port Sudan by road, by autobus. For autobus travels, buy your ticket in advance in Egypt whether in Cairo, Aswan or elsewhere. It is the best way to discover these countries off the beaten track and meet great people. Be prepared for the travel, you must have originals and copies of your PCR test, passport and Sudan entry permit. You will need to provide a copy of your passport to do your Covid test or to buy certain bus tickets. You have the choice between various companies. Bus transport agencies are located at the bus station or in the surrounding area, sometimes in the souks.

For bus journeys, it is imperative to inquire and take a ticket in advance if you do not want to have any unpleasant surprises. There are no departures every day on weekdays and none on weekends (on Friday and Saturday). It is always possible to buy your ticket the same day before departure, but for this there must still be a bus with seats available.

Crossing the border post of Ashkit-Qustul is a long process. To cross the border post, you must be in possession of a passport valid at least 6 months before the date of return, an entry permit for Sudan and a negative PCR test. Once passed the Egyptian immigration and arrived at the Sudanese immigration. you will receive your visa after filling out a questionnaire (personal information, telephone number, reason for traveling to Sudan, names of your sponsors, hotel or place of residence) and handing over your entry permit. As a foreigner, you must register within 3 days of your arrival in Sudan, with the Foreigners Registration Office of the Ministry of Interior. If you are arriving by sea or land, you can check in at your point of entry. Some large hotels offer to register their guests. Fees apply and vary depending on where you register. Two passport size photos may be required. Do not forget to change your Egyptian pounds (LE) at the border and get Sudanese pounds (SDG) if you do not have any yet. It is also imperative to have enough US dollars dated from 2006 to cover your entire trip as it is not possible to use foreign credit cards in Sudan.

Once entered Sudan, your bus will take you to Wadi Halfa. Then travel from Wadi Halfa to Dongola by minibus and finally from Dongola to Port Sudan by autobus. If needed, you can spend a night or more in Wadi Halfa or Dongola, as the buses do not run every day. Regarding the place to spend the night between the different stages, know that it is possible to take a dormitory room (3 to 5 people) from 500 SDG or to take a hotel room from 2500 SDG without having to make a reservation in advance.

As for prices, a bus ticket from Aswan to Wadi Halfa costs around 600 LE, the minibus transport costs 5,000 SDG from Wadi Halfa to Dongola and a bus ticket from Dongola to Port Sudan costs between 13,500 and 15,000 SDG.

​If you encounter a problem or need help, do not hesitate to let it know. Whether during the trip or at the border post, at Sudanese immigration as well as at Egyptian immigration, you will always find someone who can help or guide you. What's more, you will no doubt meet some wonderful people during your adventure and you will be amazed by the generosity, friendliness, helpfulness and welcome you will receive.

Despite the fact that traveling by road from Port Sudan to Aswan is long and sometimes uncomfortable, this way remains the least expensive and the best to discover these two countries, their magnificent landscapes and to meet great people. It is an adventure not to be missed.