To travel and discover new horizons off the beaten track and at a lower cost, a destination has begun to stand out from the others: Aswan, a city bordering the Nile, closely linked to the history of the Country of Nubia and the Empire of Egypt. To travel by road, from Port Sudan to Aswan and the rest of Egypt, without having your own vehicle, there are two possibilities.

The Red Sea State ولاية البحر الأحمر (Wilayat Al Baḥr al Aḥmar) is one of the 18 states of Sudan. The original inhabitants of the state are Beja people, who constitute above 65% of the current population with lower wealth and power in the region. Geographically, in the east, bordering the state, is the Red Sea. Inland, mountains run from north to south, which are interrupted by arid plains. To the northwest is the Nubian Desert. The Siyal Islands are located in the disputed area between Egypt and Sudan in the northeast.

Some Local Meals in Port Sudan

Sudan’s people are a mix of Arab, Egyptian, Nubian and pre-Islamic indigenous tribes. This cultural mix plays out in the exotic cuisine of this region.

Stew (mullah) is the most common meal. Meat and fish are dried for use in stews, and many contain offal, because, as in many pastoral cultures, nothing goes to waste. Popular stews generally contain the Sudanese spice mix ni’aimiya, dried okra, yogurt and the Sudanese white cheese gibna bayda.

Flying To Port Sudan

There is one airport in Port Sudan: Port Sudan New International Airport (IATA: PZU, ICAO: HSPN). Located 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of the city, PZU is the second largest international airport in Sudan in terms of air traffic and international destinations served. Port Sudan New International Airport is a full member of the IATA as of 2014.

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